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Warrior Spirit

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44 min, 4K, English, 2023

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My name is Will George. My life radically changed when my elders chose me to protect my Nation from industrial threats, specifically the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX). Now I'm facing prison time in a racist legal system. My journey through life and in the colonial courts has taught me a lot – right now, the most radical thing we can do is heal and bring people together.

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2022 Hot Docs Cross Currents Canada Doc Fund 

2022 Planet In Focus Green Pitch

2022 Vancity Community Grant

2023 Creative BC Project Development Fund

2023 Indigenous Screen Office Finishing Fund

2023 Indigenous Screen Office Marketing, Promotion, Distribution Fund

2023 Berlinale European Film Market | Hot Docs and Canada Media Fund Delegation

2023 Hot Docs Deal Maker

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Director's Statement

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“I have used media throughout my direct actions and I’ve come to understand that film is an incredibly powerful tool to touch people’s hearts and rally my community and allies.


My battle in court has to be documented for my people, our rights, our lands, and our way of life that was taken away from us far too many times. This film will widen our reach, bringing this story not only to my communities, but also to Indigenous communities from Coast to Coast to Coast, and to non-Indigenous people living across so-called Canada, and beyond.


I have a unique perspective into the criminalization of Indigenous people, the resurgence of ceremonial canoe journeys, and our teachings. Us Indigenous people sometimes believe we don’t have a voice, but we do. WARRIOR SPIRIT will bring Indigenous stories, told by Indigenous people, onto big platforms.


My debut feature film will show what I and my people experience under colonial rule as we witness the destruction of our home, mixed with fantastical moments that bring the environment to life in ways that respect my traditions and that nobody has seen before. This film radically accepts the challenges we face, and offers everyone pathways to heal and make change. With support from Gloria, Andrew and Nicholas as Executive Producers – I am building off my past experience with media, and continuing to bring Indigenous voices at the forefront of the intersectional climate crisis into mainstream conversation.”

Will George, Director, Land Defender

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